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Like many dreams, eMuza’s success story and mission to become one of the biggest all-access electric mobility companies in Canada, has humble beginnings.

With a strong calling to help a friend, eMuza Mobility began. Late-night conversations, and endless hours of research; we educated (and still are) ourselves about the evolution of personal vehicles, the growing changes in our population and the environment. We noticed a need for change, and an opportunity to give everyone the experience of personal electric mobility, no matter their ability.

At eMuza, we aimed to create an electric mode of transport to aid friends and family, but keep up with the high standard and design we envisioned. We could imagine people’s lives getting better, their life experience improving, their stories filling with joyful memories. Hours of research uncovered countless heartbreaking stories— people of all ages and situations declining invitations, staying back, behind and typically by themselves. By distancing themselves, people are missing opportunities to stay connected to those they hold most dear. The more stories we heard, the more determined we were to create a well-designed product to help people live their lives to the fullest.

Over time, we created the ATLAS. Its appearance is stylish and sleek—a three-wheeled scooter, with portability being key.  Our focus on portable electric mobility means our vehicles can be easily used during any occasion. The ATLAS is versatile, useful to run errands, grocery shop, meet a friend for coffee, stroll along a boardwalk, sightseeing on a worldly vacation, ride around the RV park or cruise, go to the beach, enjoy a grandchild’s soccer game…

With the eMuza ATLAS, the possibilities are truly endless.

The ATLAS’ engineering is meticulous. A beautiful design that is simple to use, the ATLAS helping many people by breaking barriers and changing mindsets of what an electric mobility scooter is, and who uses them.

Our first trial with our three-wheeled scooters was the BC Home and Garden show. The show was our make or break moment. Our products were an immediate hit—because of our focus on an array of age and mobility ranges, there’s something to meet everyone’s individual transportation needs.

People wanted to know more— for themselves or for a loved one. From children to the elderly, the ATLAS was clearly what people had been waiting for.

Every time we connect someone with an eMuza scooter we hear stories of struggle that end with: Thank you for helping change our lives.

We live for these stories. Stories of people who can now travel with their partner while on cruises; mothers with MS who can now keep up with their kids; grandparents who can enjoy grandkids and family events;  mature gentlemen who aren’t quite ready to be “old” zipping around on their scooters and having fun.

It’s a full spectrum, and our hearts are full.

In a short amount of time, we’ve evolved our focus to anyone who wants mobility—mobile freedom. With the VESTA, ATLAS or PHOENIX, our all-access electric mobility vision is a reality.  Our clients come from a wide range: From the young university student to the outdoor living enthusiast to those with mobility issues who are tired of being limited and want to live their lives to the fullest, or even someone who is looking for a vehicle alternative, we have a vehicle to suit everyone’s needs.

eMuza means Fun. We want to give people a vehicle that reimagines life and opens an array of possibilities. A vehicle that lets you create plans instead of just dream them.  A vehicle that will improve your life and makes experiences, happen.

Say YES to life with newfound mobility

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Having recently communicated with your President, I thought you would like to know that your caption "where would you like to go" is a good one. None of the airline staff had ever seen e muza so going out and coming in required demos for them by Rita in Toronto, Windsor, London and Vancouver. Also numerous requests for info was requested in our many stops on all the above venues. This experience ( and your help ) encourages us to do more travel even in further places. The new seat worked well even on cobblestones.
Chuck and Rita Lefaive
Thank you!! You’ve changed our lives!
Louise Vancouver Island
I’m having a great time with my beautiful mobility scooter. It’s nice having the ability to have a ringside seat for our grandson’s games and practices.
Gord Alberta
I can gate check my eMuza scooter at the airport, and use it on and off the cruise ship. Travel hasn’t been this easy in a long time.
Dorothy Surrey
I wanted you to know how wonderful the eMuza performed on our 21 day cruise, so happy with the ease of travel, from the aircraft to the cruise ship. It certainly made our travels less stressful. Thank you.
Fran & Wayne BC